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Gentle Touch Animal Sanctuary

Service Area


clip_bird_002 Pet Buddy Plus provides service to areas in the following cities :
  •      Brooklyn Center
  •      New Hope
  •      Crystal
  •      Robbinsdale

Service Area Map
If you do not live in our service area or we do not have room in our schedule on the dates you need service, we will help you find pet care by providing you with information about other businesses that service your area. We want your pets to get the care they need when you have to be away!

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Service areas are identified by zip code.
We service most areas in the following zip codes, some may be outside of our service area.

55422 55427 55428 55429 55430

*For zip codes not listed, please contact us to determine if your area is within our service boundaries.
Zip codes not listed may be negotiable depending on distance at $5 per 10 miles outside of service area for mileage and fuel costs.

**Holidays** $5.00 per visit with a minimum $10.00 surcharge applies on holidays
(New Year's Eve, New Years Day, Easter, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve and Christmas Day)

The state of Minnesota requires pet care professionals to charge state and local taxes on pet care.